1. Why do we pay a membership fee?  What does it cover?

    A couple years ago, a review was done to determine how much we should charge for a membership fee.  We reviewed each of the other NA school’s membership fee vs. fundraising plans and adopted a fee that would cover all of the direct expenses for PFA activities for each family/child.

These direct fees include: field trips, Donuts with Dad, Muffins with Mom, class level shirts to be worn for field trips/field day/spirit days, Winter/Spring room parties, the Back to School picnic, field day, etc.  In other words, your membership fee goes directly back to your family/child without the PFA having to bill you for each different event that we have during the year.

  2. What does the fundraising cover that the membership fees do not?

    The fundraising that we do covers the remainder of our budget.  The administrative costs for the PFA, assemblies for the students, staff appreciation and any other requests to support the staff and students.  For example, last year we were able to purchase a cart to hold all of the music stands, new carpets for the first grade classrooms and playground equipment, just to name a few.

  3. Is fundraising mandatory?

    No!  We do not require families to participate in fundraising and we do not track how much is raised per family. Our fundraising goal has been to provide a variety of options.  Our thought is: “if you are going to purchase this, please purchase it through the PFA”.  We are always looking for easy fundraising options.  For example, did you know that the PFA made $721 from Box Tops last year?  Just by families turning in the Box Tops from products that they have purchased.  No additional work.  It is just as easy to participate in Apples for Students (Giant Eagle), Shutterfly and Amazon Smile.  

  4. Why are PFA meetings during the day?  Why can’t we have them at night?

    The main reasons the PFA meetings are during the day are because 1) we get the highest participation and 2) Mr. Anderchak and Mrs. Keefer (our PFA liason teacher) are there and 3) the kids are in school and not at their evening activities.  We have tried evening meetings in the past and they always got lower attendance.

  5. Can I participate in the PFA even though I can’t come to the meetings?

    Absolutlely!  First of all, all minutes from each meeting are posted on our website for everyone to review.  Questions are able to be submitted to the PFA Board at any time and they will be addressed in the appropriate manner.  Secondly, there are many, many PFA activities that take place in the evening or other times.  Just because you can’t come to the meetings does not mean that you can’t volunteer for any of the positions.

  6. What ways do the PFA communicate with the families?  Can I streamline the communication to not feel bombarded?

    We have tried many forms of communication in order to make sure that everyone is aware of what is going on.  The primary form of communication is the Peek of the Week.  This comes out every Monday and gives snapshot of what is going on this week and the near future.  If you read nothing else, we recommend that you read this every week.

Other places to know what is going on include our Facebook page, our website is always updated, newsletters…

  7. How can I see what I have signed up for/ordered on the PFA website?


If you are unsure whether or not you have placed an order for something, simply log in to the website and under MY ACCOUNT, click on “previous orders”.  This shows you a listing of all orders/responses that you have made.

  8. How do I update my email address?
    Click here for simple instructions on how to update, add or remove an email address. This will allow you to keep getting our PFA communication and email confirmations when forms are submitted.





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